Site Security

Site Security

Security is sufficiently constrained on system functionality and implementation which minimize or prevent the chances of unauthorized access to confidential information and unauthorized activities in the system. Our Website, platforms and affiliates are designed for the utmost security, privacy and recovery of data. Here at teleetrade it is obvious to us that any holes in the security can mean millions of dollars in losses.

Therefore, teleetrade treats the issues of data security, privacy, integrity and backup with the utmost attention and care, providing the best security in the market.

teleetrade's security provides:

1- In teleetrade we always make sure that our systems are granting access to functionality only to users who have authenticated themselves with the proper login name and password.

2- Encryption means that the data transferred over the communication line is encoded in a special way at sending end, and decoded using the same algorithm in reverse at the receiving end. Therefore, the data that goes through the communication channel is meaningless to an eavesdropper, even if he does succeed in intercepting the data. Unless the eavesdropper can decode the data, he cannot read it.

3- Encryption of facts and figures is a common way to protect the exchange of facts and figures, it can be characterized as a procedure that encodes the data which is moved or swapped.

4- The encryption strength depends upon the length of the encryption key.

5- We have maintained distinct servers for submission level and utilized different server to store facts and figures of transaction facts and figures.

Thus all of the information on the servers is encrypted, saving data recovery, reliability, security, confidentiality and duplication.