Safety and Security

Safety & security of funds


General Safety

teleetrade opens extraordinary measures in order to ensure a very high level of Security and Safety for our client’s funds, thus allowing our clients to concentrate on the best "Forex Trading",rather than worrying about the safety of their funds. That means all clients bank account with institutions.

We continually identify assesses, monitor and control each type of risk associated with its operation, all data related to clients account is also strictly confidential, and all clients' accounts are independently supervised.


Safety of customer deposits

All customer funds are fully segregated from our own assets, and distributed across a global network of custodian banks. Every bank we use holds an investment-grade rating and meets stringent additional criteria. If an error happens and money from an individual client is received into a general teleetrade account, it is still considered client money from the time it reaches teleetrade’s accounts and will be transferred to a client bank account.


teleetrade  will use only its own funds for the purposes of hedging and will put the client money away from passing to hedging counterparties or to any part of the business as working capital. As well as it does not initiate speculative positions in the market.

teleetrade  has substantial liquidity and capital reserves in excess of regulatory requirements.